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The Kingdom of God has Come

       In the Lord’s Prayer, we acknowledge that our Heavenly Father’s name is holy. We pray for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jehovah, our Heavenly Father, is establishing righteousness here on earth, reflecting that in heaven. He has sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to bring true justice for those who walk in God’s ways: the end of cruelty and suffering, the restoration of the earth, and the resurrection of our loved ones.

        This is also the Day of Reckoning for all people. Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves by God’s holy name. Therefore, Jehovah himself has measured their teachings and conduct. Those taking the lead are responsible for shepherding God’s people with tenderness and compassion, as Jesus would. Instead, they manipulate the holy scriptures to control people. They also seek material and political security instead of looking to God. In doing these things, they forsake righteousness and deny their faith. They have broken their covenant relationship with Jehovah. Consequently, "their light is no more." Jeremiah 4:23-31

Recommended Reading

Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz, ©2004 Commentary Press

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